Here is our company inventory arranged into potential PA packages.
Please email for up-to-date prices and tailor-made quotes for your events.


"The Nexo System"

4 x Nexo PS15 Speakers
4 x Nexo  LS1200 Subwoofers
Powered by Camco Vortex Series amplifiers
Nexo Website

"The Turbosound System"
8 x  TQ440 Speakers
8 x Logic Systems X300a subwoofers
Powered by MC2 
Logic Systems Website

"The Adlib System"
2 x Adlib Mid-Top Speakers
4 x Adlib A115 Subwoofers
Adlib Website

MIXING CONSOLES - click to view full specifications

1 x Allen & Heath iLive T112 Digital Mixing Console
4 x Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Consoles
1 x Allen & Heath QU16 Digital Mixing Console
1 x Allen & Heath GL24
1 x Soundcraft Spirit Folio


8 x TurboSound Monitor Speakers
6 x Ohm TRS115 Monitor Speakers
8 x Logic Systems CM15 monitor speakers


As our microphone collection is always growing, please email if you have any specific requests or questions regarding microphones.

We currently stock a full compliment of Shure, Sennheiser, AudioTechnica and Audix microphones, as well as which can be tailored to suit any event. We also stock K&M microphone stands and Radial DI boxes.